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AVACURE Healthcare, LLC provides expert Foot & Ankle Care to the residents of Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes. The AVACURE Team are Board Certified Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons with Exceptional Bedside Manner and Years of Experience working in ALFs, Nursing Homes, Office, & Hospital Settings. Our doctors have unique knowledge about and sensitivity towards elderly and facility-based patients and thus are able to best serve this specific community.
The Mission of AVACURE Healthcare, LLC is to Serve as an Expert, Caring, Reliable, and Most-of-All Healing Provider of Foot & Ankle Care for ALF and Nursing Home Residents.

Benefits of AVACURE On-Site Podiatry Services
  • Healthy Feet = Increased Mobility = Happier & Healthier Residents
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic foot & ankle care by experienced licensed podiatrists.
  • Convenience of consistent, professional, expert care right in your own home.
  • Prevention & early identification of more seri­ous foot complications and other ailments that can show up in feet first.
  • Extra peace of mind for family members in regard to their loved ones at your facility.
  • Elimination of time and effort needed to transport residents to Podiatrist’s office.
  • There is no cost to the facility. We bill patient insurance directly.
  • HIPAA, MEDICARE, and APMA compliance.
  • Accepting Medicare Assignment.